Linda A. Bowden Scholarship

Our Vision

To support our college students in obtaining higher education.

Our Objective

To administer the Linda A. Bowden Memorial Scholarship and to disseminate information about other scholarships to our high school and college students.

Our Mission

To help encourage every student to obtain a college degree if they choose to do so and to provide support so that they can be all that God has ordained them to be.

Our church fully supports our youth and this ministry makes every effort to make sure every rising senior and college student has the financial support they need to succeed. We actively pray for our student’s achievements and periodically reach out to them so they know we care. We believe education is crucial to the sustainability of our community and at Mt. Hope, we proudly invest in education.

Due Dates for the Scholarship Applications:

  • March 31st of each year for first time high school applicants
  • May 31st for rising freshman and older college students (for renewal)

Ministry Leader:

Sharon & Michael Banks