Our Core Values

About Our Church

Mount Hope Baptist Church
Dr. Raymond A. Bell, Jr., Pastor

Mission Statement (Purpose)

Through the five (5) functions of Evangelism, Discipleship, Worship, Ministry, and Fellowship we desire to lead people to a life-changing experience with Christ, resulting in an ongoing maturing relationship with our Lord Jesus.

We will enhance our Christian spiritual
development through:

  • Praise and Worship;
  • Preaching the Gospel;
  • Teaching the Word; and
  • Reaching out to those in need.

We envision our church maintaining a vital role in the economic and moral well-being of our community.


“Disciples Are Made, Not Born”

Our Core Values

Integrity – Living a life pleasing to God with honesty, trust and consistent uprightness of Excellence-Giving God our very best, It’s God’s expectation of us, not man’s expectation.

Faithfulness – Our success is in our faithfulness. In order to be fruitful in ministry, we must be faithful. Our faithfulness is the highest commitment to Christian service.

Unity – Ministry is not a form of isolation-it’s serving together to create positive relationships that strengthen our church community.