Prayer & Fasting

A personal invitation from Pastor Bell

Greetings Hope Nation and Friends, 


I am asking every disciple of Mount Hope Baptist Church to begin seeking God through participation in a season of prayer and fasting for 40 days.  As Christians we participate in a 40 day fast during Lent season, to commemorate the sacrifice that Jesus made when He did the same after He was baptized by John in the Jordan River (Matt. 4:1).


Prayer along with fasting is a proven method to draw closer to God, experience deliverance from strongholds, receive answered prayers and experience God's supernatural intervention in our lives.  


I am asking every disciple to seek the Lord's guidance as to how He wants you to fast and what you should be fasting for in this season in your life. 


The first six days of this spiritual fast will be to detoxify and release any unclean motives, sin, and unethical morals that have crept into our hearts. These six days will prepare us to go forth to fortify our souls, spirits and strengthen us for this season in our lives. 


As we move forward into what God has for us, we must do so in the spirit of unity, and in step with the Holy Spirit who leads and directs us all. 


This is the year where we are focusing more on our theme: Expecting God's Presence, Believing in God's Power, and Achieving God's Purpose; and as we walk in step together focusing our eyes on Jesus Christ - I am convinced that there will be no mountain too hard for us to climb! 


May God bless you as we move forward in His direction. 


Your Pastor, 

Dr. Raymond A. Bell, Jr. 


Pray about what to surrender to God during this time of fasting and praying. 


Prepare your heart and mind to be challenged by God's word.  


End your fast gradually. When the designated time of fasting has been completed, it is important to transition our of the fast with care. 


Be expectant. The Lord listens to a prayer from the heart. Be humble and authentic as we expect results from God.