New Members

Welcome to the MHBC Family!

A key component of discipleship is the relationship inherent in the process.  However, given the busyness and distractions of our culture, discipleship tends to be accidental.  With the aim of initiating a journey – from intake to involvement – Mount Hope Baptist Church new members will experience a series of intentional opportunities to fellowship with other disciples, engage in ministry, and grow spiritually.  New members are intentionally ushered through their making, growing, and sustaining discipleship journey exemplifying the essence of Matthew 28:19, “go make disciples of all nations.”

For more information, contact Ms. Levon Davis, Discipleship Ministry Lead, at

How to Get Involved

Glad You Asked!

Step 1

  • Accept Jesus or Join through Christian Experience
  • Meet Your Pastor 

Step 2

  • Attend New Members Classes
  • Baptism (if needed or desired)
  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment 
  • Right Hand of Fellowship
  • Get Involved in Ministry
  • Connect and engage with one another

Step 3

  • Build Relationships
  • Stay Connected and Involved
  • Allow the Holy Spirit to use you
  • Have FUN!

New Member Stages

Making Disciples
Growing Disciples
Sustaining Disciples
Making Disciples

Making Disciples 

During this process disciples are given an overview of their progression through their initial discipleship stages.  The intake team explains the steps new members undertake to be baptized (if needed or desired) and/or receive the Right Hand of Fellowship.  New members will also have an opportunity to meet some of The Hope’s ministerial staff and leadership.

Ms. Celeste Dozier

Growing Disciples
Sustaining Disciples