Communication Request 

We are here to support you. 

Thank you for visiting the Communications Request page. This is where you can submit event, creative, video and web requests. The Communications Team is ready to help launch the announcement of your event. Please submit your request here and someone from our team will contact you to discuss your options in detail. Project promotion time may vary depending on request. Please submit event request 3 weeks in advance to allow for media design and promotion. 

Request for Purchase 

This form is used prior to receiving funds or making an independent purchase for material, supplies and/or services.  Fund requests totaling $200.00 dollars or less requires a 15-calendar day notice to the Finance Office before event date.  Fund requests totaling $200.00 dollars or more requires a 25 calendar day notice to the Finance Office before event date.  Please submit all receipts to the Finance Office within ten (10) calendar days after the event.  Approval for purchases must always be given prior to purchase.

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